• Recognizing PTSD

    PTSD has no time limit. No expiration date. It is claiming the lives of countless soldiers who did their time and made it home. The demons continue to hound them relentlessly until they take their own life. If anyone you know is suffering please have them call (877)717-PTSD(7873) for the help they need!

    Inner Chaos 
  • 0311

    Can’t believe it took me this long to design a shirt for the MOS I proudly served in the USMC!!! It was the only part of the Marine Corps that I wanted to be in when I signed. I was a Grunt heart and soul! I carried the radio, the SAW, M203 and of course the M16. Can’t believe the miles I humped, the mountains I climbed, the seas I crossed and especially the brothers that I’ve made! Semper Fi!

  • A Warrior’s Soul

    The design that started it all! I was making a reunion shirt for the guys I served in the Marine Corps with and came up with this design. After doing it I decided to make my own clothing line. A Warrior’s Soul is about being out of the military but ready to put on your gear when this Great Country may call you!

    A Warrior’s Soul 

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Another year, another blessed reunion with these warriors!

Discarded Warriors

This Brand is for every Veteran that served in our Great Armed Forces! Discarded Warriors came from a place deep down inside of me which I'm sure all Veterans can understand. In our youth we were forged into Warriors. Being in the USMC Infantry, I was a razor sharp killing machine ready and willing at any time to do whatever I needed to do to defend the Greatest Country in the World! After 4 years of service, like most, I went into the civilian world clueless. My skills no longer needed and adapting to the 1st Civ Div...you bury the Warrior inside. The problem is the Warrior is Always ready for battle. We put on weight, deal with all the aches and pains that become a part of our lives now and move forward. For years there was this emptiness inside of me that I could not put my finder on. Something inside craving to be freed. 25 years after getting out, a few of the guys I served with reached out and we became friends again on FB. One was smart enough to throw together a reunion. When I tell you it was the nourishment my soul needed, I am not exaggerating. Through the years we've become close and look forward to our yearly get togethers. In all our discussions I realized we all felt the same way. An emptiness we couldn't explain. All of us wish we remained in the military. Than it became clear as I regained motivation with my brothers in arms. I started getting back in shape and understood that the emptiness inside was the Warrior. So this page is a map for all those of you missing that something inside. This is the answer! Feed the Warrior inside of you that was discarded when you left the service. Your Soul will thank you.

Bill Master